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Leroy Hutson


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Config/Selection: A / ROGV-070

Units per set: 2

UPC #:081227911522

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Pre-order opens: 3/6/2020 

Pre-order closes: 4/5/2020

Tentative street date: 7/24/2020


  • First anthology of Hutson’s ground-breaking Curtom recordings released on vinyl in the US in over 30 years.   
  • Includes a bonus LP of unreleased studio recordings from 1977/1979
  • Remixed and remastered and comes in deluxe packaging with new artwork and liner notes.
  • Limited and individually numbered



LeRoy Hutson is an American soul and R&B singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and instrumentalist, best known as former lead singer of The Impressions. As a teenager, Hutson formed the Nu-Tones, a four-man vocal group in NJ, who won many talent shows. In 1968, Hutson recorded with Deborah Rollins as part of the vocal duo, Sugar & Spice, for Kapp Records. They recorded several singles with some success. Hutson entered Howard University to study dentistry and was room-mates with Donny Hathaway. Hathaway left college early to become Curtis Mayfield’s musical director. Hutson then decided to switch majors to music theory and composition. It is through his connection to Hathaway, that Hutson eventually came to replace Curtis in the Impressions. At Howard, Hutson joined the Mayfield Singers, a group put together by Curtis. He also collaborated with Donny Hathaway on “The Ghetto,” giving Donny his first hit record in 1970. In 1971, only three months out of college, Hutson was asked to replace Curtis Mayfield as lead singer of the Impressions. He stayed with the group for two and a half years and recorded two albums before amicably leaving to pursue a solo career. The first Impressions single to feature him as lead vocalist is “Love Me,” released June 1971 on Curtom Records. In 1973, Hutson wrote, produced and arranged his first solo release, “Love Oh Love,” featuring the single, “So In Love With You.” Between 1973 and 1992 Hutson recorded eight albums and charted with thirteen singles in the U.S. Because of this he developed a cult following on the soul scene. After his debut, Hutson went on to release, “The Man,” “Hutson,” “Feel The Spirit,” “Hutson II,” “Closer To The Source,” and “Unforgettable.” In 2010 Hutson made a comeback to European stages, performing at the Suncebeat Festival in Croatia, at Vintage at Goodwood Festival and Indigo2 in London. He was backed by the British group, The Third Degree. As of 2017, Hutson’s work is licensed outside of North America by British independent label, Acid Jazz Records. Acid Jazz A&R man, Dean Rudland, assisted with sourcing the material for this potentially ground-breaking new collection that will include never before heard masters from 1977 and 1979 if voted to win. In the late 1970s and 80s, Hutson also lent his musicality to production work with fellow Curtom artists Linda Clifford, Arnold Blair and the Natural Four. As a writer/producer, he has worked for Roberta Flack, The Natural Four, Linda Clifford, Voices of East Harlem, Arnold Blair and the Next Movement. On TV he has appeared on the Midnight Special and Soul Train.

Track Listing

Side A: Curtom Studio Tracks 1972-1973

1 So In Love With You 2:58 (1972)

2 As Long As There’s Love Around 3:12 (1972)

3 When You Smile 4:18 (1973)

4 Love Oh Love 3:48 (1973)

5 Time Brings On A Change 4:39 (1973)

6 I’m In Love With You Girl 2:40 (1973)

Side B: Curtom Studio Tracks 1974-1976

1 Ella Weez 3:00 (1974)

2 Could This Be Love 3:03 (1974)

3 Lucky Fellow 5:03 (1975)

4 I Think I’m Falling In Love 3:37 (single version) (1976)

5 Love The Feeling 2:53 (1976)

6 I Do, I Do (Want To Make Love To You) (1976) 3:26

Side C: (1977 unreleased masters)

1 Wisdom of My Life 5:50 (4/27/77)

2 Trust My Heart 3:53 (4/20/77)

3 You Can Be A Winner 5:14 (9/6/77)

4 Thank You 6:25 (4/27/77)

Side D: (1979 unreleased masters)

1 Can’t Help Feeling This Way 5:22 (7/23/79)

2 All I Need 4:06 (2/26/79)

3 Desert Sand 4:25 (2/28/79)  

4 Don’t Leave 5:21 (2/28/79)