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Bleecker and MacDougal

Fred Neil
Bleecker and MacDougal


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Artist: Fred Neil
Title: Bleecker & MacDougal   
Config/Selection: A / ROGV-056
Units per set: 1
SRP: 21.98
UPC # 081227930400
1LP, 140g vinyl, direct to board jacket, mono edition


  • First vinyl reissue of the rarer mono edition since 1965!
  • Sourced from the original analog masters
  • Considered an influential and important album in the folk rock genre



Fred Neil was an American folk singer-songwriter in the 1960s and early 1970s. He did not achieve commercial success as a performer at the time and is mainly known through other people’s recordings of his material – particularly “Everybody’s Talkin’,” which became a hit for Harry Nilsson after it was used in the film Midnight Cowboy in 1969. Born in Cleveland and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Neil was exposed to music at an early age, traveling around the US with his father who was a representative for Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Neil was a songwriter that worked at the Brill Building in NY and while composing for other artists also recorded 6 rockabilly singles for different labels. He wrote songs that were taken by early rock and roll artists such as Buddy Holly (Come Back Baby 1958) and Roy Orbison (Candy Man 1961). Neil met Vince Martin in 1961 and formed a singing partnership with their first LP being 1965’s Tear Down The Walls. During 1965-66 Neil was joined on many live sets by the Seventh Sons, a trio led by Buzzy Linhart on guitar and vibes. Neil released Bleecker & MacDougal on Elektra Records in 1965 and was later reissued as A Little Bit of Rain 5 years later. His self-titled album released in 1967, was relaunched in 1969 as Everybody’s Talkin’ which was recorded during his residencies in Greenwich Village and Coconut Grove, Florida. After Everybody’s Talkin,’ Neil’s best-known song is The Dolphins which was later recorded by several artists, including Linda Ronstadt, It’s A Beautiful Day, Billy Bragg and Tim Buckley. Interested in dolphins since the mid-1960s, Neil founded the Dolphin Research Project in 1970 and progressively disappeared from the recording studio and live performance. Fred was a pioneer of the folk rock and singer-songwriter musical genres. He influenced Tim Buckley, Stephen Stills, David Crosby and Joni Mitchell.



Track Listing:

Side A

1 Bleecker & MacDougal 2:14  

2 Blues On The Ceiling 2:22

3 Sweet Mama 2:40

4 Little Bit Of Rain 2:21

5 Country Boy 2:26

6 Other Side To This Life 2:54

7 Mississippi Train 2:16

Side B

1 Travelin’ Shoes 2:15

2 The Water Is Wide 4:16

3 Yonder Comes The Blues 1:51

4 Candy Man 2:28

5 Handful Of Gimme 2:15

6 Gone Again 3:15