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Friction Baby

Better Than Ezra
Friction Baby


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Artist: Better Than Ezra
Title: Friction Baby
Config/Selection: A / ROGV-058
Units per set: 1
1LP, 140g clear colored vinyl, direct to board jacket

• First vinyl reissue since original release in 1996! Second hand copies are rare and expensive.
• Limited based on pre-orders
• Pressed on 140g clear vinyl with lacquers cut at Record Industry in the Netherlands.

This title was a runner up in a past voting round and our new partnership with Qrates allows us to make this and other limited edition pre-order titles now available to pre-order. The Qrates pre-order link on this page will take you directly to the Qrates page to order and complete the transaction. The Qrates pre-order runs for 75 days and then will be manufactured based on demand in limited quantities. It typically takes around 8-10 weeks after a pre-order closes for QRATES to deliver a record. All of the production work will be handled at Record Industry in the Netherlands so fans can expect the high level of quality they have come to expect from other Run Out Groove titles.

Better Than Ezra is an American alternative rock band from New Orleans. They formed in 1988 in Baton Rouge and the current band consists of Kevin Griffin (vocals and guitar), Tom Drummond (bass) and Michael Jerome (drums). The band has issued 8 studio albums from 1988 to present. They are best known for their 1993 platinum album, “Deluxe” and the single “Good” from 1995, which hit #1 on the Hot Modern Rocks Tracks charts. The four original members - Griffin, Drummond, drummer Cary Bonnecaze and guitarist Joel Rundell formed when they all attended Louisiana State University. The band refuses to disclose the origin of its name although many theories continue to float around. The band circulated a demo tape in 1988 called the Chimes Street demo. While not official, the demo is sought after by fans and traded by collectors. In 1990 they released the cassette-only album, “Surprise.” Tragedy hit the band in 1990, when their lead guitarist, Joel Rundell committed suicide on August 8 of that year. The band took some time off but reunited as a three piece at the end of the year and played house parties and colleges across the South. They released their first nationally-distributed album, “Deluxe,” in 1993 on Swell Records which ended up helping to gain the attention of major labels and radio. The band signed with Elektra Records in 1995 and the label rereleased Deluxe in 1995 and the single, “Good,” reached #1 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart which helped get the album to platinum status by the end of the year. Success came fast and furious. Tom Drummond was later quoted as saying, “It took us seven years to get signed and then seven weeks to get to #1.” After the success of “Deluxe,” drummer Cary Bonnecaze left and was replaced by Travis McNabb. Better Than Ezra released their second major label album, “Friction Baby,” in 1996 and the record produced the hits “Desperately Wanting,” and “King of New Orleans.” Although not as commercially successful as “Deluxe,” but as of 1999 has sold 500,000 copies.

Track Listing:
Side A
1 King Of New Orleans 4:07
2 Rewind 3:06
3 Long Lost 3:40
4 Normal Town 3:39
5 Scared, Are You? 4:06
6 Return Of The Post Moderns 2:54
7 Hung The Moon 3:46
Side B
1 Desperately Wanting 4:37
2 Still Life With Cooley 3:58
3 WWOZ 4:20
4 Happy Endings 2:43
5 Speeding Up To Slow Down 4:09
6 At Ch. Degaulle, Etc.2:20